Automatic Alarm Alerts Utility Room Fire
October 11, 2020

An automatic alarm on dune road would turn out to be more then a false alarm. At 8:14PM we were dispatched to the end of dune road. 7-8-33 was first on scene and quickly updated the responding units of a smell of smoke from outside the residence. He was able to make entry for the first responding apparatus. 7-8-1 arrived soon after and began searching for the source of the smoke. A team went down the the ground level floor and found a utility room with the bottom of a hot water heater on fire that was starting to spread through the floors and walls. The second team from 7-8-1 slowed the progress of the fire with a 2-1/2 gallon water extinguisher that bought valuable time to search for the areas the fire had spread. 7-8-6 arrived shortly after and assisted in the effort to fully extinguish the fire by making small inspection holes from the outside. They were able to find the areas the fire had grown to and finish extinguishment.