10 calls in 12 hours
By Web Team
October 9, 2017

Monday October 9, 2017 proved to be a busy afternoon for the department. From noon 'til 11pm the department handled 10 alarms. They were; 5 Automatic Fire Alarms, 1 Chiefs Investigation, 1 Co Alarm, 2 Electrical Hazards and a Motor Vehicle Accident.

The department was called to 81 Dune Road just before 6pm for a telephone pole on fire. 3rd Assistant Chief Kevin Raynor was first to arrive on scene and confirmed the primary wires were arcing, burning the upper part of the telephone pole and the cross member holding the 3 primary wires. After a few minutes, the fire burnt through the cross member splitting the bar apart dropping 2 primary wires which shorted out power to all of Dune Road. PSE&G arrived on scene confirming the power was off back at the fuse link. With power out, the lineman began taking apart the insulators for the primary wires on the cross member and cut apart the upper part of the pole so the fire could be extinguished. Engine 781 pulled the booster line making quick work of the fire.

As units were starting to clear this alarm, another run was being dispatched. This time for a Reported Motor Vehicle Accident, a car into a telephone pole on County Road 31 and Rogers Ave Extension. Again, the first arriving Chief was 3rd Assistant Kevin Raynor who notified incoming units that it was a single vehicle into a telephone pole, negative heavy rescue as the driver was out of the vehicle walking around. This pole had 3 transformers, was cracked at the base and leaning towards the road. A boss from the power company, PSE&G, happened to be passing by en-route to Dune Road and notified command the pole was being held up by the wires to other poles and it was secure enough at this time 'til his crews were able to respond.

Fire Personnel disconnected the battery in the vehicle, dumped speedy-dry to absorb the fluids that were leaking and assisted the tow truck driver sweeping the road clear of debris. Until the vehicle was moved, Fire Police diverted traffic around the scene through a parking lot. Although not the ideal circumstances for diverting traffic, it's imperative to keep a main road in the village open. Once the street was clear of debris, a north and southbound lane were established utilizing the center turn lane for southbound traffic.

The driver of the vehicle was out walking around on scene with no medical complaints, which he credits it to the airbags and wearing of his seat belt. PSE&G had sent a truck that grips the pole to stabilize it so it will not fall down until they can install another pole. With Fire Police remaining on scene the longest, they were back in headquarters at approximately 9:30pm.

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