Involved Vehicle Fire
By Web Team
September 15, 2017

On Friday night, September 15, 2017 at approximately 8:40pm the department was activated for a Reported Vehicle Fire in the driveway of 173 Carly Drive. Dispatch advised the responding units their was an active vehicle fire in close proximity to the residence. The first arriving Chief, Billy Dalton, confirmed an active fire and that the homeowner was attempting to extinguish it prior to the fire departments arrival with a garden hose.

Engine 781 arrived on scene and immediately went to work stretching a 1-3/4" hose-line from the front bumper and made quick work extinguishing the vehicle fire. As additional resources arrived, the garage and residence were checked to confirm the fire hadn't spread to the structure. A Carbon Monoxide meter was also used to confirm there were no gases inside the structure.

The Westhampton War Memorial Ambulance First Responder, Paramedic Steve Januszkiewicz, was on scene with the FD and requested the ambulance respond to evaluate the homeowner due to minor smoke inhalation, minor burns and overall stress of the fire. After being evaluated the occupants refused to be transported to the hospital.

All units were back in headquarters at 9:30pm. The Southampton Town Fire Marshals office were called in to investigate the fire. There were no firefighter injuries to report.

Units: 7-8-1, 7-8-2, 7-8-30, 7-8-31, 7-8-11
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